Friday, July 18, 2014

Recording Day 4

This update is a bit late. Shawn and I went back to the studio last Saturday to do some electric guitar overdubs. And after many hours, they are done! That means that all of the instrumental tracks are done!!!  Well, okay, I might go in and add some organ here and there and maybe some additional percussion, but basically they are done!!!!

We played around with all sorts of amps. From little teeny tiny ones... a big ol' Marshall stack....

What's next?  Vocals. Vocals are always a challenge because no one likes to sit and listen to their own voice for hours on end. It's awkward. I'm also bringing in additional backing singers, which I've never done before but I'm very excited about. Lots of harmonies!

Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to get started on that until late August as recording costs money and I've now spent all mine. Maybe a Kickstarter is in order? But that's a terrifying thought. What if I didn't make the goal??? Ugh. That would be awful. I would definitely cry.

 Shawn between the wires.

Mike running the board.

I should probably also tell you that I've got a new show coming up! Full band and everything. It's at The Nomad in Minneapolis on Friday, August 15th. Yep. On a Friday and everything. So no excuses. You probably should be there.

Facebook event invite here:  . Let me know that you're coming! 

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