Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good Dog

Today, Katie Boes will no longer have to be in pain.

She was a very good dog. You always felt safe when she was around. She loved people and had no interest in other dogs. When we would go visit my in-laws and brought our dog along, Katie completey ignored Murray and always headed for us. She would greet you with a bellowing howl, then spend the next hour licking your pants, your hands, your arms, your face.

She loved food. All food. Sometimes it didn't even have to be food. Her favorite snack was tissues. The more used, the better. She just loved to consume. She would eat batteries, socks, sticks...she'd graze in the yard like a cow, munching on grass.

She was a good dog.

She will be missed.

We love you, Katie.

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